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Audi Lemon Law

Audi, commonly recognized by its four-ring logo, is a luxury German manufacturer, whose headquarters are in Bavaria, Germany. Audi production facilities are found worldwide in nine facilities as a subsidiary of its parent company, known as the Volkswagon group. Audi’s four rings represent the four car companies that merged to create Audi’s predecessor company, the Auto Union.

Audi is one of the world’s top-selling luxury brand automobiles. It is no wonder their slogan is “Vorsprung durch Technik” which translates to, “Being Ahead through Technology”.

Audi is known to produce beautiful, luxury vehicles and has an excellent reputation for reliability and safety. However, regardless of this wonderful reputation, many Audi drivers are experiencing issues that leave Audi owners with a sour taste in their mouth and driving a lemon. If you think that your Audi might be a lemon, contact us now to get information on the lemon law process and how we can be of help to you.

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Is Your Audi A Lemon?


How do you know if your Audi is a lemon? If you are driving an Audi and started experiencing issues before the warranty expired, you may have a case. If you’ve taken your Audi for repairs to an Audi dealer several times for repairs to no avail, and your problems started while under warranty, you may have a lemon on your hands. We have successfully represented Audi car drivers and owners and can help you with your Audi lemon matter. We have been successful in numerous Audi buybacks and are ready to help you. If you think you may have reason to pursue an Audi Lemon buyback, call us today to discuss your options.

Common Audi Defects That Can Warrant An Audi Lemon Buyback

We’ve handled plenty of Audi lemon law claims for a variety of different Audi models including:


–           Audi A3

–           Audi A4

–           Audi A5

–           Audi A6

–           Audi A7

–           Audi A8

–           Audi Q5

–           Audi Q7

–           Audi Q8

–           Audi R8

–           Audi Tt

–           Audi S4

–           Audi S5

–           Audi S8



Below is a list of common issues and Audi recalls that may apply to your Audi.

  • – Oil consumption and headlights turning off while driving
  • – Transmission malfunctions
  • – Noises and excess vibration from axles, steering columns, and brakes
  • – Software glitch
  • – Issues with sunroof, windows, and/or convertible soft/hardtop
  • – Potential fuel leak and fire hazard due to defects in the fuel pump
  • – Water leakage from the sunroof drainage system
  • – Headlight randomly turning off while driving
  • – Software glitch preventing airbags from deploying in the event of a car crash
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What does “Reasonable Attempts at Repair” mean for your Audi?

For a car to be considered a lemon, the Audi manufacturer must have had the opportunity to make a reasonable number of repairs before your Audi is deemed a lemon. In California a reasonable number of attempts have been made if:

  • -You’ve tried to fix a problem that is covered under warranty four or more times with no luck.
  • -You’ve tried two or more times to fix an issue that could potentially cause death or bodily harm.
  • -The problem has put your car out of service for more than 30 days.

Audi Recalls

Not every car that is driven off the dealer’s lot is a lemon. Occasionally, errors are made by the manufacturer during a car’s manufacturing, and it affects tens, hundreds, or even thousands of those models. When that happens, and a number of cars don’t perform correctly under required safety standards, the Audi manufacturer will often issue an Audi recall.


When an Audi recall is issued, the manufacturer will specify what the problem is, which Audi cars were affected, and what action consumers need to take in order to get their Audi cars repaired. Typically, recalls are issued by the model name and model year.  Occasionally, the defects won’t cause any serious issues and won’t be a cause for concern for consumers. But sometimes, those defects could pose serious threats to driver and passenger safety. Manufacturers will issue notices to drivers letting them know if they need to bring their cars in immediately, or if they can bring them in at their earliest convenience. These repairs are often done with no out-of-pocket charges to the consumer.

Even though Audi is considered safe and reliable, they aren’t immune to manufacturing defects that lead to recalls.


Over the years, many Audi cars have been issued recall notices. The most common Audi issues are:


– Electrical component failure

– Oil leakage

– Ignition component failure

– Exhaust component failure



According to the most complaints Audi drivers report are engine problems related to the Audi A4 vehicles. One of Audi’s largest recalls was regarding the Takata airbag inflator malfunction. In the event of a car accident, the inflator could rupture with metal fragments striking the occupants resulting in serious bodily injury or death. The Takata airbag inflator malfunction was most commonly reported by drivers of the Audi A3, Q5, and the Cabriolet models.


If you are like many other Audi owners who are consistently having engine, airbag, or other issues, you may be entitled to a lemon buyback, replacement, or reimbursement under the California Lemon Law. Call us today at (818)242-4601 for free help and to find out if your car qualifies as a lemon.