Burbank Pregnancy Discrimination Lawyers

Burbank Pregnancy Discrimination Lawyers

Women who are pregnant should not be punished or suffer negative employment consequences because of their pregnancy. Unfortunately, some employers have a negative view of pregnancy. They believe that pregnancy impacts a woman’s ability to be a productive employee or causes additional expenses or losses for the company. Sadly, this view leads to pregnancy discrimination in the workplace.


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Common Examples of Pregnancy Discrimination in the Workplace

An employer is not likely to tell a female employee it is taking actions based on the fact that the employee is pregnant, just given birth, or is requesting time off because of pregnancy. However, certain actions might indicate that you are the victim of pregnancy discrimination in the workplace.

Some common examples of discrimination against females in the workplace because of pregnancy include, but are not limited to:

Being removed from consideration for promotions that you are qualified to receive

An employer who did not hire you when the employer realized you were pregnant, even though you were the best candidate for the job

Terminating your employment without a valid reason after finding out that you are pregnant

Demoting you or reducing your work hours without cause

Creating a hostile work environment to force you to quit

Making it difficult for you to take time off for medical appointments and checkups

Denying scheduled pay increases because of pregnancy

Refusing to provide reasonable accommodations to allow you to perform your job after you become pregnant

Not allowing you to take federal or state-mandated leave because of your pregnancy or a pregnancy disability

How Can a Burbank, California Pregnancy Lawyer Help Me?

If you are the victim of pregnancy discrimination, you may be entitled to compensation for damages and other remedies. An attorney can help you investigate the circumstances surrounding the employment issue, gather evidence proving discrimination, and file a discrimination lawsuit against your employer, if necessary.

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Your pregnancy and the birth of your child should be a joyous occasion. Discrimination at work and a hostile work environment can place unnecessary stress on you and your unborn baby. We want to help. Our legal team provides support, guidance, and legal advice for women who are subjected to pregnancy discrimination at work.


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