Burbank Truck Accident Attorneys

Burbank Truck Accident Attorneys

Traffic accidents involving commercial trucks or large trucks can be devastating for occupants of other vehicles. Whether you call them 18-wheelers, tractor-trailers, big rigs, or semi-trucks, large trucks can cause devastating, catastrophic injuries and fatalities.


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Why Do Large Truck Accidents Cause Catastrophic Injuries?

Commercial trucks can weigh over 80,000 pounds when fully loaded. The average 5,000-pound passenger vehicle cannot withstand the impact of a collision with a large truck. This difference is one of the major factors why the occupants of other vehicles are at a higher risk of death in a large truck accident.


During 2018, 83 percent of the fatalities in large truck accidents were the passengers and drivers of other vehicles or non-occupants, including bicyclists and pedestrians. Only 18 percent of the deaths in large truck accidents were occupants of the large truck. California consistently has the second-highest number of large truck accident fatalities in the nation.


A commercial vehicle can crush a passenger vehicle, even in slow-speed truck crashes. In a truck roll over, the occupants of the passenger vehicle can be killed beneath the weight of the truck and the truck cargo. In some cases, commercial trucks rear end other vehicles and crush them between the large truck and another vehicle or object.

Common large truck accident injuries:

Brain injuries and head injuries, including skull fractures, concussions, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), and brain hemorrhages

Spinal cord and back injuries, including paralysis and loss of sensory functions

Complex fractures and broken bones

Severe burns


Scarring and Disfigurement

Damage to internal organs and internal bleeding

The financial, physical, and emotional damages caused by a large truck accident can be significant. In many cases, the victim sustains a permanent disability or impairment that changes a person’s life forever.

Common Causes of Commercial Truck Accidents in Burbank, California

Many factors can contribute to the cause of a truck crash. A Burbank 18-wheeler attorney investigates tractor-trailer accidents to identify these factors to prove fault and liability. Truck driver error is a factor in accidents involving commercial trucks. Truck driver error includes:

Fatigued Driving And Drowsy Driving - Hours of service for truck drivers are restricted. However, many truck drivers exceed maximum driving hours, thereby increasing the risk of a drowsy driving accident.

Speeding And Reckless Driving

Drunk Driving and Prescription Drug or Illegal Drug Use

Following Too Closely for Conditions

Distracted Driving

Inexperienced or Untrained Drivers

Unfamiliarity with the Road

However, other factors might contribute to a large truck accident. Poor weather conditions and road hazards can be contributing factors in a truck crash. Improperly loaded truck cargo can also contribute to a truck accident.


Defective truck parts, including problems with the brake system and steering system, can cause an 18-wheeler accident. In some cases, a lack of truck maintenance is a contributing factor in a large truck crash.

Truck Accident Liability — Who is Responsible for Large Truck Accident Damages?

A thorough accident investigation is required to determine the cause of a commercial truck accident. Large truck accidents can be extremely complicated. Accident investigation experts, including mechanics, engineers, and accident reconstructionists, may be needed to determine the cause of a large truck accident.


The cause of the collision generally determines who is liable for the damages caused by the tractor-trailer accident. It is important to name all parties responsible for damages to increase the chance of receiving maximum compensation for damages.


Liable parties in a truck accident case may include one or more of the following parties:

Truck Drivers

Trucking Companies

Loaders and Shippers

Truck Manufacturers and Manufacturers of Truck Parts

Repair Shops and Maintenance Companies

Government Entities (road hazards and defectively designed roads)

An experienced Burbank pedestrian accident lawyer can investigate a crash to determine who is liable for damages. Our legal team works with you to document your damages to maximize the amount of money you can receive for your pedestrian injury claim.

How Much is My Large Truck Accident Claim Worth?

A large truck accident claim may include a variety of damages. Financial damages or economic damages can be substantial. Pain and suffering damages are also very high in truck accident claims.


The factors that determine the value of a truck accident claim include:

The type of injuries sustained in the accident;

The severity of the injuries;

Whether the victim sustained permanent impairments or disabilities;

The amount of financial losses and economic damages;

Whether the accident victim shared in the fault for the crash;

The insurance coverage available; and,

Whether fault for the crash is in dispute.

When calculating the value of a tractor-trailer accident claim, you include financial losses, such as medical expenses, loss of income, personal care, medications, medical equipment, and other expenses. Noneconomic damages are “pain and suffering” damages. They include physical pain, mental anguish, emotional distress, disabilities, disfigurement, and loss of quality of life.

Do You Need a Burbank, CA Truck Accident Attorney?

An experienced  Burbank semi-truck accident lawyer understands how to secure the evidence needed to prove fault in a truck accident case, including the truck’s black box, truck driver logs, truck maintenance records, and trucking company records. If steps are not taken quickly to preserve this evidence, the evidence could disappear.


Furthermore, a Burbank large truck accident attorney can help you document your damages, losses, and injuries. Your attorney calculates the maximum value for your case and gathers evidence to support that amount.


Without an attorney, you face a large team of accident investigators, insurance adjusters, and trucking company lawyers alone. You need a legal team on your side that fights for your legal rights and your best interests after a large truck accident.

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