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Chevrolet/Chevy, or more formally, the Chevrolet Division of the General Motors Company, is an American Division of General Motors.  The brand is best known for the golden cross logo. The company began with Louis Chevrolet, Arthur Chevrolet, William C. Durant, and James H. Whitting in 1911.  Chevrolet is sold globally, with the United States being its primary market, followed by Brazil, China, Russia, Mexico, Canada, Argentina, Uzbekistan, India, and Colombia. Chevrolet manufactures automobiles, commercial vehicles, and trucks. As well as sporting automotive vehicles for various sporting events, including the FIA, IndyCar, and NASCAR. Despite the brand’s illustrious history, Chevrolet has one of the highest lemon rates in the automobile market.

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Are You Driving A Chevrolet Lemon?

While Chevrolet has a long history of producing unique automobiles, not all cars that they manufacture have a stellar safety record. Many Chevrolet vehicles have a history of complaints against them over the years. In addition, there have been numerous recalls and technical service bulletins issued. 


If your Chevrolet has been in for multiple repair attempts that have not been resolved, you may be driving a lemon. Don’t be discouraged.  Your vehicle may qualify for a repurchase under the California lemon law. Our firm will fight back against big automakers and will work diligently to enforce your rights under the California lemon law.


If your car is deemed a lemon, regardless of whether it is a purchase or lease, and you are within the statute of limitations, the manufacturer will repurchase the vehicle. In addition, they will, provide a full refund including your down payment and payments made toward the vehicle (minus a mileage offset up to the time of the first applicable repair order), reimburse you for your registration fees and all out of pocket expenses such as towing and rental costs.  The best part is the manufacturer will pay for your attorney’s fees and costs pursuant to the California lemon law, so there is no fee to you.  You have nothing to loose.  Call the Law Offices of Alisa Goukasian at (818)242-4601 to see if your car qualifies as a lemon.

Typical Complaints Made About Chevrolet Vehicles

In order for your Chevrolet to be considered a lemon, the defect must affect the use, safety and/or value of the automobile. Chevrolet must have been provided an opportunity to repair the vehicle.  A reasonable repair opportunity may be as little as 2 repair attempts if the defect could potentially result in death or serious bodily injury.  Other times, a reasonable repair opportunity may require more than three or four repair attempts.  Every car is unique, and the totality of the circumstances will be considered.  Call an experienced lemon law lawyer to


Commonly reported issues with Chevrolet cars include, but are not limited to:

  • Oil leakage
  • Airbag problems
  • Vibration issues
  • Noise from the roof
  • Engine clunking noises
  • Shifting gear hesitation
  • Power steering issues
  • Navigation system failure
  • Malfunctioning air conditioners


If you are having an issue with your Chevrolet and it is not listed, you may still have a lemon and seek damages. If something with your vehicle seems off and the dealership is unable to fix it, call our Los Angeles Lemon Attorneys today at (818)242-4601 to check if your Chevrolet is a lemon.


     Chevrolet cars, sedans and SUV’s that  may be considered a lemon include:

          •    – Bolt
          •    – Corvette
          •    – Camaro
          •    – Cruze
          •    – Impala
          •    – Tahoe
          •    – Suburban
          •    – Traverse
          •    – Silverado
          •    – Volt
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Does My Chevrolet  Qualify As A Lemon Under The CA Lemon Law?

For your Chevrolet to be qualified as a lemon, the following must apply:


  • The defective vehicle must have been under the manufacturer’s warranty at the time of the defect. The same is true for new or used vehicles under warranty.
  • The Chevrolet dealership must have had a reasonable number of opportunities to fix the defect. A reasonable opportunity could be as little as two repairs if the defect could foreseeably cause serious bodily injury or death.

Experienced Chevrolet Lemon Law Lawyer

If  Chevrolet has failed to repair your vehicle after a reasonable number of attempts, your car may be considered a lemon and you may be entitled to receive compensation. Lawyer’s fees and costs are covered directly by the manufacturer, therefore you have nothing to lose. Contact our lemon law lawyers today to get answers to all your lemon law questions.


If your car is considered a lemon, you may be entitled to the following compensation:


• All payments made towards the vehicle including the down payment and all monthly payments minus a mileage offset up to the time of the first applicable repair order.
• Out of pocket costs, such as rental fees and towing costs
• Registration fees;
• All Attorney’s fees and costs


If you feel like you are stuck driving a lemon, you should contact a lemon law attorney immediately to ensure you receive the best possible outcome. Call our experienced Burbank lemon law attorneys to speak to an experienced lemon lawyer today or contact us to learn more.