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Tesla Lemon Law

Tesla, Inc., named after inventor and electrical engineer, Nikola Tesla, is an American electric vehicle and clean energy company based in Texas.   Among other things, Tesla manufactures electric cars,  solar panels, and solar roof tiles,   Tesla has the most sales of battery electric vehicles and plug-in electric vehicles in the world.  And although Tesla has a large following, Tesla vehicles, as all vehicles, are not immune from their share of lemons.

Keep reading to find out some common defects among Tesla automobiles.

Tesla Vehicles with Lemon Law Defects

       Tesla  has been sued for lemon law claims over their vehicles, including the:

      •  Tesla Model S
      •  Tesla Model X
      •  Tesla Model Y
      •  Tesla Model 3
      •  Tesla Roadster


    For your Tesla to qualify as a lemon, the following must apply:


      • The vehicle must have been under the manufacturer’s warranty at the time of the defect. The same is true for used vehicles under warranty.
      • You must have given the Tesla dealership a reasonable number of opportunities to fix the defect.  A reasonable opportunity could be as little as two repairs if the defect could foreseeably cause serious bodily injury or death.
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Common Tesla defects

Consumers have experienced numerous issues with Tesla vehicles, including things like:

  • Door, window and trunk defects;
  • Defective rearview camera;
  • Touchscreen failure;
  • Autopilot issues;
  • Battery wearing down prematurely
  • Occasional power loss
  • And many more…


These issues may have a significant effect on your Tesla’s safety, usability, and or value. If you have had issues with any of these items within the warranty period, your vehicle may be considered a “lemon”.


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