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Founded in 1937 by the German Labour Front, Volkswagen translates to “people’s car.”   With its durable mechanics, Volkswagen enjoys a great reputation for reliability and as a high-performance luxury vehicle.  Nevertheless, as with all vehicles, Volkswagen has its share of lemons. If you are tired of taking in your Volkswagen for yet another repair, you may have recourse. Call our office today to speak to an experienced lemon law attorney at (818)242-4601. Schedule a Free Case Review with a Volkswagen Lemon Law Attorney


If you’ve leased or purchased a new or used Volkswagen that is under warranty and you’ve had to take it back for repairs more than twice, your Volkswagen may be a lemon. Under California’s lemon law, Volkswagen may be required to repurchase your vehicle (minus a mileage offset) or replace it with a new vehicle. Additionally, you are entitled to compensation for any incidental and consequential cost, such as registration costs, costs for a rental vehicle or towing costs that you incurred.


If you’re frustrated about taking your Volkswagen for yet another repair without avail contact the Law Office Of Alisa Goukasian, APC at (818)242-4601 for a free file review.

Common Defects in Volkswagen Vehicles

Volkswagen lemon complaints reported include BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO:


  • Engine failure;
  • Transmission Issues;
  • Water leakage;
  • Steering wheel issues
  • Headlight issues;
  • Window, sunroof, and convertible top issues
  • And many more not listed

This list is not inclusive of all Volkswagen defects. If you are having an issue with your Volkswagen you may have a Volkswagen lemon and may be entitled to damages. Call our Los Angeles Lemon Law attorneys to see if your car qualifies as a lemon.

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Does The Defect You Are Complaining About Impact Your Vehicle’s Use, Value Or Safety?

It is important to note that NOT all three criteria must be met for a vehicle to be deemed a lemon. For instance, if your vehicle radio has been replaced repeatedly, such a defect may not impact the safety of the vehicle but it certainly would impact its use or value which likely renders the vehicle a lemon.

Can my used Volkswagen Qualify as a Lemon?

Yes, your used Volkswagen can also be deemed a lemon if the defect first occurred while under the manufacturer’s warranty and the dealership was provided with a reasonable opportunity to fix the defect and you are within the applicable statute of limitations to bring the claim.


Did You Provide The Volkswagen Dealership A Reasonable Opportunity To Fix The Defect?

A reasonable opportunity to repair your vehicle may be as few as two repair opportunities if the defect you are complaining about can potentially result in serious bodily injury or death.


On the other hand, a defective radio may require more than three or four repair attempts. Still a single repair for engine failure may take 60 days and occur within the first couple of months of ownership, raising a presumption that the vehicle is a lemon.


In sum, a qualified attorney would need to look at the totality of the circumstance, as each lemon matter is different. Contact an experienced lemon attorney to determine if you have met the criteria with a quick case review. Contact us using our online form, or call us at (818)242-4601.


Remember that Attorney fees are paid directly by the manufacturer. So you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.