Burbank Bicycle Accidents Attorney

Burbank Bicycle Accidents Attorney

Although bike riding comes with several health, economic and environmental benefits, it also comes with substantial risk of bodily harm. Many drivers in Burbank, CA are far from safe, and the Burbank traffic plays a big role in the high number of bicycle accident cases that occur every year. In a study by Bicycling Magazine, Burbank, California was ranked as the worst biking city in the United States.  However, even in the rest of the country, hundreds of thousands of cyclists sustain injuries.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that over 1000 cyclists die every year.

Here are several very common ways that bicycle crashes can occur in Burbank:

left and right-hand turn collisions. Left-hand turn collisions are common against cars that are already in an intersection. Right-hand turn collisions usually occur when the vehicle driver fails to look right and only checks left

collisions at intersections are also common, particularly when cyclists stop at intersections and drivers do not

backing up of the vehicle when a car driver doesn’t check their mirror to see if a pedestrian or cyclist is passing from behind

door collisions can happen when a car driver doesn’t check their mirror to see if a cyclist is approaching from behind

What Injuries Can You Sustain From a Bicycle Accident?

Because most bicycle accidents occur between a cyclist and a regular car, injuries can be very severe or even life-threatening. Common injuries include:

broken bones, especially the legs or arms

loss of limbs or paralysis due to spinal damage

head or brain trauma

severe road rash or other scrapes

organ damage due to the force of the impact

wrongful death

What Compensation Can You Expect From a Bicycle Accident Claim?

The damages awarded for your bicycle accident case will depend on the severity of your injuries. The most common damages include the following:

Past and future medical bills

Lost income

Lost earning capacity

Pain-and-suffering damages, which account for the physical and emotional turmoil you might have experienced during the accident

Property damages in the event that your bike was damaged during the accident

punitive damages (if there is evidence of egregious behavior)

Bicycle Accident Attorneys in Burbank, California

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