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 Honda is a Japanese manufacturer known for its reliable and affordable vehicles. In addition to manufacturing cars, Honda manufactures boats, jet skis, aircrafts, mountain bikes, lawn equipment, and engines. In fact, Honda is the largest manufacturers of engines in the world.  While you expect reliability from a Honda vehicle, you may still have a Honda lemon.  However, do not fret because your vehicle may qualify for repurchase under the California lemon law.  

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Are You Driving A Honda Lemon?

Despite its great reputation for providing great value for an affordable price, Honda has its fair share of manufacturing defects.  If your Honda vehicle’s defect impairs its safety, use or value, chances are you may have a lemon.  However, you should not be discouraged.  Your vehicle may qualify for a repurchase under the California lemon law as long as you complained about the defect within the warranty period, the dealership was unable to repair it after a reasonable number of attempts, and you bring your claim within the applicable statute of limitations.


If your purchased or leased, new or used Honda qualifies as a lemon, the manufacturer will repurchase the vehicle, provide a full refund including your down payment and payments toward the vehicle (minus a mileage offset up to the time of the first applicable repair order), reimburse registration fees and all out of pocket expenses such as towing and rental costs.   In addition, the manufacturer will pay for your attorneys’ fees and costs pursuant to the California lemon law.   Call the Law Offices of Alisa Goukasian at (818)242-4601 for a free case review. 

Typical Complaints Made About Honda Automobiles

     The problems with Hondas include, but are not limited to:

        – Excessive oil consumption

        – Defective brakes

        – Transmission issues

        – Starting vehicle issues

        – Engine issues;

        – Acceleration issues;

        – Defective infotainment system;

        – Battery failure;

                And many more….

     If you are having an issue with your Honda and it is not listed, you

               may still have a lemon and may be able to seek damages. 

     Call our Los Angeles Lemon attorneys to see if your car qualifies. 

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Is My Honda Considered A Lemon Under The California Lemon Law?

If your Honda is on the list below and you took your Honda in for repeated repairs for the same issue, contact the Law office of Alisa Goukasian at (818)242-4601.


       -Honda Civic

       -Honda CR-V

       -Honda Accord

       -Honda Fit

       -Honda Odyssey

       -Honda Civic Type-R

       -Honda Pilot 

       -Honda Insight

       -Honda Ridgeline

       -Honda Passport

       -Honda CR-V Hybrid

       -Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid

       -Honda Fuel Cell


*This is not a complete list of Honda vehicles and your Honda may still be a lemon even if it is not included above.


For your Honda to be qualified as a lemon, the following must apply: 


  • The vehicle must have been under the manufacturer’s warranty at the time of the defect. The same is true for used vehicles under warranty.
  • You must have given the Honda dealership a reasonable number of opportunities to fix the defect.  A reasonable opportunity could be as little as two repairs if the defect could foreseeably cause serious bodily injury or death.

Need Help Filing A Honda Lemon Law Claim?

If you have been dealing with a defective vehicle and need Los Angeles Lemon Law representation, call our firm today to discuss your particular issues. We know how frustrating it can be to deal with a defective vehicle. Our lawyers will help you obtain the compensation that you are entitled to. Call our office or contact us today at (818)242-4601 to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.